matrix – modular LED system

The “matrix” product is a consistent expansion of our daytime LED aquarium lighting. Its full feature set establishes a new benchmark – also for seawater aquariums!

High-end customizations

with modules added by the aquarium owner

Various adapter sets

for mounting the “matrix” on the aquarium

Special modules

for marine aquarium “Royal Blue 440 – 455 nm”

All aluminium components

are anodized (in accordance with DIN EN 81249-1) to resist seawater

High-end customizations

with modules added by the aquarium owner

Modules can be placed at any position using the piercing contact and screw slot

20% more heat dissipation using lateral heat conducting surfaces


CNC-milled module housing made of anodized aluminium (resistance to seawater according to DIN EN 81249-1)

Crystal-clear polyurethane potting delivers excellent resistance for aquariums – with proven long-term effectiveness! (Seawater, vents, humidity, etc.)

SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR SMD LED 5630, max. 180 lumen/watt

SunLike – white light LED with UV-A peak and increased green content


Lifetime approx. 60,000 h

Beam angle 120°


Integrated inline adapter system (universal adapter set) with rubber non-slip contact surfaces

CNC-milled head pieces made of solid anodized aluminium

All screws are V4A stainless steel (rust-free, seawater resistant)

incl. splash plate – increases the cleaning comfort to a maximum (can be removed for cleaning)


Professional IP67 connector system from Binder, made in Germany

Very flexible silicone cable (uncoloured “natural”)

cable length 2,0m

Including a special tool for module assembly/disassembly and for fixing the inline adapter system in place

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