pendix customized

With 9 light colours/colour temperatures combined with up to 24 matrix LED modules and any desired lighting length (from 40 to 300 cm), we have customized illumination available to fit almost any aquarium.

For integration of the light above the aquarium, the aquarium owner can choose from various adapter systems (holders).

These ingredients are used to create the individual LED luminaires that are optimally tailored to existing needs.

A fully equipped pendix300 accommodates a maximum of 24 LED modules and thus achieves a maximum of 240 watts. If 80 watts per meter of luminaire length are not enough, it is possible to create a UNIQUE one with the help of the pendix connection elements from several pendix. As a result, luminaires of any length with a maximum output of 240 watts per meter can be realized. Each lamp is also supplied with energy separately within the chain.

Still not customized enough?
Contact your local retailer to configure your personalized pendix system.