Converter, distributor, adapter cables

The converter is the motor of the lighting. The daytime® eco LED lighting is available with various power levels between 12 and 100 watts.

When used with the distributor, up to three eco LED lights can be supplied simultaneously with a converter. Make sure that the total capacity of the lighting does not exceed the rated power of the converter being used.

The maximum permissible power is 100 watts (regardless of the number of occupied positions).

The converter, distributor and LED lighting have plug-in (Plug & Play: PnP) connectors that require no tools to connect them securely.

Adapter cable: 2-pin female connector + wire-end ferrules

Used to connect and operate an eco or cluster to a power supply or light controller from a third-party manufacturer.

Adapter cable: 2-pin male connector + wire-end ferrules

For directly connecting and operating a light controller from a third-party manufacturer with the daytime® converter.


Choose the right converter for your light(s).

3-way distributor

Enables up to 3 eco and/or cluster lights to be connected to a converter or light controller