eco – The LED lighting that does more!

Step into a new era of aquarium lighting with these daytime® LED lighting products. Provide your aquarium inhabitants with continual biotope-compatible lighting conditions by using our innovative high-quality LED lighting.

The eco produces consistently high light intensity across its entire length. In addition, it generates natural light reflections, whorl effects and shadows in the water.

You’ll be convinced by the nearly unlimited possibilities of this LED lighting!

  • A sturdy, slim aluminium mounting profile with optimal heat regulation
  • Anodized coating for maximum resistance to seawater (in accordance with DIN EN 81249-1)
  • Protective screen made of LEXAN® Superclear – for almost loss-free light transmission
  • LED technology from the market leader SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR® (SSC)
  • Light output: up to 120 lm/watt (white light)
  • Excellent colour reproduction: up to CRI 90
  • LED lifespan: approx. 60,000 hours
  • A GORE® membrane ensures constant conditions in the interior of the light fixture (by preventing moisture penetration and equalizing pressure).
  • Dust-resistant and waterproof (IP67 in accordance with DIN EN 60529)

There are many features of the eco LED lights, as described below, which deliver outstanding value.

The stable aluminium mounting profile has an anodized coating, which makes it highly resistant in aggressive seawater environments.

The lighting’s extraordinarily flat, compact form combines a timeless design with optimum heat regulation that ensures a long lifespan of more than 60,000 hours without any significant reduction in light output. State-of-the-art LED technology from market leader SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR® (SSC) is at the heart of this lighting.

In the white light range, this LED achieves an efficiency of up to 120 lm/W and colour reproduction up to CRI 90 (CRI: colour rendering index). So you get up to 50% energy savings, with a simultaneous increase in brilliance, compared to conventional lighting.
The protective screen, made of LEXAN® Superclear, was specially designed for loss-free light transmittance. It protects the LED from external influences.

A GORE® membrane equalizes pressures at different temperatures and operating conditions; this ensures constant conditions in the interior of the lighting fixture. It also effectively prevents moisture from penetrating.

Your fish and plants will thank you.

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