matrix accessories overview

Adapter sets for matrix

Various adapter sets and adapter/design mounting profiles are available for installing the daytime® matrix into your aquarium (refer to the separate section for more details).

Adapter-Profil für JUWEL® Aquarien

Adapter profile for JUWEL® aquariums

This adapter profile enables you to easily switch to daytime® LED lighting. Remove the light bar (together with the holder bracket) and replace it with the daytime® JUWEL adapter profile.


Design mounting profiles

For an elegant installation of the matrix, cluster and cluster control lights over open aquariums.

Lighting controls for the matrix & pendix

Converter, distributor and adapter cables for the matrix & pendix

The converter is the motor of the lighting. The daytime® matrix LED lighting is available with various power levels between 40 and 240 watts.

matrix weiteres Zubehör

Additional accessories for the matrix