eco accessories overview


eco Adapter Sets

There are 9 different adapter sets and 2 adapter profiles currently available for installing the daytime® eco in your aquarium. (Refer to the separate section.)

Adapter-Profil für JUWEL® Aquarien

Adapter-Profile for JUWEL® aquariums

This adapter profile enables you to easily switch to daytime® LED lighting. Remove the light bar (together with the holder bracket) and replace it with the daytime® JUWEL adapter profile.


Lighting controllers for the eco

The eco is electronically controlled using the „Lighting Control LC14“ (single-channel version) lighting controller. The maximum load capacity is matched to the most powerful converter. This is 100 watts.

Converter, distributor and adapter cables for the eco

The converter is the motor of the lighting. The daytime® eco LED lighting is available with various power levels between 12 and 100 watts.