Basic Control BC16 single-channel for matrix

  • Sunrise and sunset – simulating natural lighting conditions for day and night Adjustable in six steps from 0 to 60 minutes
  • Three switching times: day, night, break
  • Easy to operate and program: directly at the device, using three buttons and a status LED
  • Separately adjustable brightness level for each day or night light
  • Demonstration mode with constantly changing day and night light
  • Can be dimmed manually in real time
  • Internal 24-hour clock (with about 15 minutes of power reserve)
  • Shapely high-end enclosure with comfort control buttons
  • Plug & Play – the controller is simply inserted between the converter and the lighting: can also be retrofit!
  • Operates the daytime® matrix lighting with up to 240 watts (24 matrix LED modules)
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio

Operating Manual daytime® BC16 1-Channel matrix