Lighting controllers for the eco

The eco is electronically controlled using the „Lighting Control LC14“ (single-channel version) lighting controller. The maximum load capacity is matched to the most powerful converter. This is 100 watts.

The „PEM14 single-channel“ power expansion modules enable the power to be increased by 100 watts per module. A single LC14 lighting controller can control up to 255 expansion modules.

This lighting controller can also be retrofitted into existing daytime® LED lighting systems from the eco line.

The manual single-channel daytime® dimming module can also be replaced by the single-channel LC14 electronic version.

Single-channel dimming module

Manual hand-held dimmer with auto-soft-start

Single-channel PEM14 power expansion module

Using this expansion module, another light of up to 100 watts can be connected to the single-channel LC14.

Lighting Control LC14 single-channel

Automatically simulates the natural light conditions for day and night.

Basic Control BC16 single-channel for eco

Light controller with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Basic Control BC16 double-channel for eco moon

Light controller with an outstanding price-performance ratio.