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daytime® – A trademark of waltron GmbH

Inspired by the many new lighting possibilities originating in LED technology, our mission is creating innovative, adaptable LED lighting systems that enhance the beauty of animals and plants, especially in aquariums and terrariums, and highlight them brilliantly in their scene.

Our product developers expect all our components to meet the strictest requirements, thus leaving nothing to chance. A top priority is excellent colour reproduction with maximum efficiency, longevity and ease of use.

Right from the start, we’ve taken a unique, innovative approach to the daytime® brand. That’s because our notion of perfect animal and plant lighting requires the mastery of the most cutting-edge technology and of the key physical and biological parameters related to lighting technology.

We are continually taking advantage of new research results, in close collaboration with the leading technology partners. We also implement state-of-the-art testing methods along with comprehensive laboratory

and practical tests with the support from Vivaristik’s specialists. This enables us to turn groundbreaking ideas and genuine passion into fundamental solutions.

Our entire development and manufacturing processes are kept in-house, in compliance with all valid standards and guidelines. All stages of the development and production of all daytime® products are subject to compulsory and comprehensive quality control.

In summary: We create precious LED lighting systems with the best utility value. We take advantage of our theoretical expertise and practical experience to optimize the natural lighting that is ideal for flora and fauna.

Your plants and fish deserve only the very best!

This is, and will remain, our goal.

Your daytime® team

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